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About Us

At BoulVapes Online, we strongly believe in the multiple advantages proposed by Vaping as an alternative to tobacco smoking. Our aim is to participate in the worldwide transition of tobacco smokers towards Vaping and our team of experienced and passionate Vapers focuses on providing the Vaping community and potential Vapers a complete spectrum of high-quality products and unmatched premium e-liquids. 

Every vaping unit and accessories found at Boulvapes Online have been tested by our team of experts to make sure quality surpasses expectations, nothing less. 

Finally, BoulVapes Online is a proud member of the Canadian Vaping Association. As member of the CVA, Boul Vapes is working with 300 other Canadian Vape Shop to create viable and effective regulations in Canada.

That being said, time for you to come take a stroll and Vape with us on the Boulevard!

The BoulVapes Online Team